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Jobs In Chandigarh

India as a country is counted among few of the top states, which has shown development in a very short period. The country is said to possess a fast growth rate due to its workforce. The population of India, whether living in the urban or the rural areas of the country, give equal contribution in the country's development and growth. The cities and states in India, all have something special in them, which accounts for the maintaining the country's old cultures and traditions. The job opportunities in India have grown manifold with the country expanding its reach in almost all arenas.

All the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, have a great role to play in the economic development of the country, but there is one state, which resides in itself the richest businessmen of the country. People, who have changed the lives of hundreds and are in many terms responsible for the country's economic state. It is Punjab, which is the cultural town of the country. Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana and Punjab, is known to be the most beautiful city of the country. Chandigarh is famous for its cleanliness, and is the first city, which was constructed after full proof plans. The city also tops among all the cities and union territories in its per capita income all over the country. Richest men of the country are said to be living in chandigarh.

The city basically employees job seekers in its public sector organisations. Chandigarh is also known as the Pensioner's Paradise, due to the presence of three governments there, because of which most of the people are employed in either of these government jobs, or are retired who are drawing pensions out of these government organisations. Other than the government sector, some of the major industries present in the city, employing large number of citizens of the city as well as of the neighbouring regions:

1.)  Paper manufacturing industry

2.) Metals and alloys industry

3.) Auto parts industry

4.) Food industry

5.) Pharmaceutical industry

6.) Electrical appliances industry

7.) Sanitary wear industry

People can also look for banking Jobs in Chandigarh, with all the major banks of the country having their presence in chandigarh. Sector 17 of chandigarh, has Bank Square, which consists of all the banks at one place, comprising the commercial sector of the city. The trade and the commerce sector also provide a great opportunity for the job seekers, to establish their career in the respective sectors. The three major organisations promoting trade have their offices in Chandigarh, which expands the job arena of the city. These trade organisations are:

1.) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

2.) PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3.) Confederation of Indian industry

The city supplies a large force of military and army men to the country. It has significant presence of country's defence forces, with its major supply to the regions like Leh and Siachin, where defence operations are executed. Therefore, a person aiming for jobs in defence forces, can search for one in chandigarh.

The city is also stepping into IT sector with the Chandigarh Technology Park coming up in the city, which is an initiative taken by the city to spread its swings in the IT industry. Many IT firms like Infosys, Quark, Dell have set up their offices in chandigarh, making it possible for the IT people to seek for jobs in the Chandigarh. Also, according to the global survey done by the Cyber Media, the city comes at the 9th position among the 50 top most cities, all over the globe as the emerging industry for the IT outsourcing and technology development.

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Speech Pathologist Jobs

Corresponding to the mounting number of the aging population and hearing and language problems in children, the demand for qualified speech pathologists has gone sky hight. Speech pathologists specialize in evaluating and treating people grappling with communication problems associated with voice, fluency, language and speech, and thus help to enhance the patients’ communication abilities.  A habitual kindness, a high level of dedication and patience, and good listening skills are indispensable for this kind of job.

Speech pathologist jobs are available in a variety of healthcare settings. To be able to embark on a speech pathologist job, one has to earn a master’s degree in speech pathology program and a state issued license. There are opportunities to work as an assistant or an aide in speech therapy. For that, the candidates are required to have an associate’s degree or on-the-job training.

Once qualified, you are sure to get good job placement in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, child development centers, speech and hearing dispensaries, clinics, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, research laboratories, geriatric facilities, home healthcare services, industry and health departments, and adult daycare centers.

Besides the excellent remuneration package, your speech pathologist job carries the industry’s best benefits including:

• Medical and dental insurance

• 401(k) retirement savings plan

• Paid housing

• Completion bonuses, and travel expenses

• Healthcare insurance

• Section 125 cafeteria plan

• Professional liability insurance

• Short-term disability insurance

• Additional state license

• Continuing education

• Cancer insurance

• Immigration processing (for internationally trained employees)

You can find a number of healthcare employment recruiting agencies in the United States, that help the candidates secure the most suitable speech pathology job matching their profile. These recruitment agencies are usually backed by an experienced support team of client service personnel, providing everything necessary for eligible candidates to obtain successful job placements.


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