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For those familiar with the Amazon Kindle, you already know that this device has revolutionized book reading. It is an eReader, a natural evolution of the book. The Kindle 2 is a hand held electronic device which provides clear and crisp readable text, and is capable of storing an entire library.

The Kindle 2 takes this concept further, strengthening what readers like most about the original Kindle while making the device even thinner and lighter. Part of me has a strong sense of nostalgia for all the books and magazines I have laying around my house. But there come’s a time to embrace the fruits of new technology (and hopefully save a few trees in the process).

While not a great selling point, it appears that Amazon is going to move the control of text-to-speech feature from the user to the publisher to avoid any legal entanglements while presumably maximizing their profit. Here’s an excerpt of the news post from CNET:

“On Friday (Feb. 27, 2009), Amazon announced it would reconfigure the Kindle 2’s systems to allow publishers to disable the text-to-speech function for titles of their choosing. However, the retailer made it clear in the announcement that it believed text-to-speech did not violate copyright.”

How will your reading experience change with the Kindle 2?

First off if you finish a book, it’s very easy to move on to your next interest either by pre-downloading it into your buffer of 1500 books or grabbing it on the fly from the whisper net. The reader weighs just over 10ounces which means its lighter than hardcover books, yet is durable enough to withstand a drop on the ground, although I’d advise against extensive testing. The battery life will allow many hours of reading when you’re on the go. There is a large source of free books that can be read on eReaders and this virtual library is increasing over time. The eReader has a built in web browser so you can freely browse the web without any additional monthly cost. You can also subscribe to eMagazine’s and get them instantly downloaded for viewing.

Now for some less than stellar feedback. Users with pdf or other unsupported ebook formats may be disappointed as they are forced to convert files manually. The task can be tedious, especially for large libraries. If you use an iPhone and the Kindle app, you won’t be able to read content you upload to your kindle on your iPhone. What this means is only kindle purchased books are available via the Kindle app on your iPhone.

Overall the customer reviews are far in favor of the Kindle 2 ereader experience. The ease of handling, the ability to get content on the go, and the fast page turning and book downloading make the Kindle 2 vanish and the stories and content come to life, precisely the experience you want from a reader device.

Kindle 2 Review
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Facebook’s Victims

Facebook is actually a strong uniting force today. Preschool friends are available that has a couple clicks, surprise parties can be simply planned, and everyone you understand might be informed of engagement inside of seconds. Now, with phones that will access Internet, anytime of day, whether in the center of class or lunch, an individual might proceed Facebook. Facebook allows complete strangers to befriend you, review your pictures, speak to you, read all about you, and in some cases read your conversations with other people on the main wall.

Although some people might adults still hesitate from immersing themselves into this new world due to it being dangerous few pay them back manual intervention. After all, if you’re planning on vacationing in touch with friends you have to text, skype, email, twitter, or at least possess a Facebook account. Besides, it cannot be that dangerous, right?

Is determined by anything you do with the technology you utilize. Since beginning of time there was really people taking advantage of others. Now, with inexperienced people using technology, troublemakers is usually alerted to your opportune moment to strike. Take Facebook for instance. While a great way to get reconnect with old friends and turn into of a, posting an excessive amount house elevators your money may be dangerous. Don’t put your address, work location, or number on Facebook ever. The trouble with Facebook is certainly not you erase from your account is ever truly deleted. Some companies, government departments, or people seeking to make use of other medication is pulling up deleted material from Facebook accounts. If you have already home elevators your, still delete it; just don’t forget when someone tries hard enough they usually are competent to consider it.

Facebook can also be dangerous on the subject of friends. Never add someone you do not know. You’ve heard it hundreds of times but it’s true. Should the person looks familiar and you are uncertain as long as they were on your own 3rd grade team you aren’t, send them an individual message asking them how you know them. Or the best part is, don’t add them or discuss with them by any means. If it really is your friend you ought to not less than manage to recognize their name or picture. However, in the event you are really looking to reconnect with someone identified another type of screen name, otherwise you can’t tell from the picture who it can be, exactly how the direction they know you. If nothing they are saying rings a bell really the only bell which should be going off is really a warning bell. Tend not to include that person. 1000s of people net to find gullible targets. Facebook provides the perfect setting. They can find out someone’s birthday, where their home is, who their friends are, and much more. They’re able to accomplish this at the same time not revealing an individual chunk of his or her identity.

Facebook is a fun tool to maintain friendships if used right. Just be sure you don’t put information that is personal on there, and ensure everyone you add you really know. Have clear ensure you along with your home are at ease is through a home security system. In case you would not have Facebook or keep the account spotless, you can find still the prospect that the complete stranger attempt and enter your house.

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